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Foundation for Women

Fundación Mujeres (Foundation for Women) is a non-profit NGO created in 1994 to work for setting up interventional projects, in different fields of social, political, economic and cultural participation in order to achieve a real and effective equality of opportunity.

We have developed successful interventional formulae in several fields, keeping special attention to development and respect to women’s’ rights. It is our belief that equality of opportunity between men and women is a key element for society at large and for every single private and public institution and organization that makes part of it.

Our lines of activity are:

Employment and equality of opportunity

Gender Equality policies and Gender Mainstreaming

Gender-based violence prevention policies

Development Cooperation

Accomplishing a complete development of real and effective equality requires innovation and change of the traditional ways of doing. It is our work to search new solutions that allow us to improve the quality of social relations, coming up with specialized solutions, adapted to each one of the social actors and to each field of intervention.

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